Raising A Family in Singapore May 31, 2016

Health care in Singapore is absolutely phenomenal, and it alone is reason enough to consider staying in Singapore to raise your family if you are a Permanent Resident. Singapore’s health care is widespread and efficient, and is a universal health care system that is partially subsidized by the government, although there are also private health care providers in Singapore.

Lake Grande

Singapore has the lowest infant mortality rate in the entire world, and was ranked 6th in the World Health Organisation’s list of best health care systems in the world. With 25 hospitals and other specialty centres as of 2012, Singapore is well equipped to deal with the needs of its population. Singapore healthcare has different levels of subsidies, so patients can make a decision based on their income and savings about which kind of care plan they can use. Insurance providers exist, such as Medisave, Medishield, Medishield Life, and Eldershield. These insurance plans are up to individuals to select and invest in.

Living in Singapore as a young family is excellent because of the access to health care that you can receive. If you are choosing to live in Singapore when you start your family, you should look into housing such as condos. There are plenty of condos, for example Lake Grande in the Jurong Lake District, that are child friendly and perfect for raising your happy, healthy family in Singapore. Whether you choose Lake Grande or any of the other countless places to live, the rapidly expanding residential areas in Singapore are all great places to call home. With health care and education in Singapore being so strong, not to mention the rich multiculturalism, what better place to have your children grow up? This booming young country needs more young people, and your children could be the future of Singapore.

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