Interested in Natural Healing? Look Into Hydrosol Canada May 31, 2016

If you are interested in natural health products, you’ve likely done a lot of research on a wide variety of herbs and natural supplements. Essential oils have been growing in popularity over the years, with more and more people turning to them for their healing properties. Although essential oils can play a big part in natural healing, people would do well not to ignore the wonderful hydrosol Canada, a naturally-occurring byproduct of essential oil production. Think of a hydrosol as an essential oil’s little sibling.

But what exactly is a hydrosol Canada? If you distill plant material (for instance, in order to make essential oils), the herb- or plant-enhanced water that’s left over at the end of the process is a hydrosol. This water isn’t quite as concentrated as essential oils; their scents are much milder. They are safer and much more gentle to use than essential oils. Although they’re not as strong, they’re every bit as useful for healing as essential oils, and many distillers are now turning their focus to making hydrosols as their main product, rather than a byproduct.

hydrosol Canada

The healing essences and compounds in hydrosols can be used for all of the things that essential oils can be used to treat. They can be taken internally and externally. Because the hydrosol liquid produced during the distillation process tends to be acidic, hydrosols make wonderful toners and people love using them in their skincare regimes. For a beautiful, calming spritz, a hydrosol that contains chamomile or lavender can set your day right. If you’re ill with a cold or allergies, hydrosols containing any kind of mint or eucalyptus extract will help soothe and open irritated or congested nasal passages. Mint hydrosol sprays are also a wonderful way to refresh and cool down when it’s hot outside.

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