How to Renew Your Bus Pass June 2, 2016

Typically, a bus pass will be issued by the transportation department in the county or city offices. Prices and procedures of bus passes will be different in each location, but most of the time they do offer you ways that you can purchase or renew your bus pass before they reach their expiration date. Take a moment to check out your bus pass and find out if you must renew it on a monthly or yearly basis. Then, call the bus company to find out what the best method is to renew it. Consider getting bus ticket holders so that you do not have to dig in your purse or backpack every time you get on the bus.

bus ticket holders

Renewing Online

Some authorities allow you to renew your pass online. Try visiting their website for more information. If you have already bought or renewed a bus pass online, you’re already familiar with this process.

Start by signing into your account using your username/password. If you can’t remember these, you can use the “forgot username/password” link to reset them and get logged in.

Check through the various options for a bus pass and choose the one you want. Then, click on the link to add the bus pass to your cart or go straight to checkout. Try to see if there is an option to automatically renew your card once it expires and check that box if you want so that it’s easier next time around.

Enter your payment details and complete the payment process. If you are using your home computer, you can save this information if you wish- but if you are on a public computer, make sure that you log out so that others can’t get to your information.

Renewing by Mail

Some authorities do not have an option to renew online. Then again, you may prefer not to do it online- you’d rather do it by mail. Check your current pass to find out when it expires so that you know when you must have it renewed.

Pay attention to your mail- you should get a renewal notice so that you have a new one before the old one expires. Fill this out and send it in with the proper postage and fees.

Wait for your new bus pass. As long as you renewed it at least a few weeks before expiration, you should get the new one in the mail before the old one expires. Always carry your bus pass in bus ticket holders so that there’s less of a chance of them getting lost or damaged.

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