History of The Origins Poker and Online Poker

August 30, 2019

History of The Origins Poker and Online Poker

History of online poker games. At present, this online poker card game is booming, not only among the people of Indonesia, but also worldwide. And also not only among adults, this game is also very popular and is a hobby for teenagers in Indonesia and around the world. Starting from the country of China before 969 AD, when it was at the time of the kingdom of Mu Tsung.

History of online poker games

Emperor Mu Tsung at that time was playing a game similar to poker, but he still used dominoes with his wife on New Year’s Eve at that time. However, the dominoes used by the emperor were still made of very expensive wood and at that time the dominoes were as thin as paper.

There are also those who argue that the history of this poker game originated in Egypt, precisely in the twelfth and thirteenth centuries. This medium is similar to the shape of the cards that are currently used. Other opinions also say that this poker game was born in the Persian country in the 16th century, called Ganjifa or Treasure Cards.

In Persia, the Ganjifa deck consists of 96 cards. The card is made of expensive and thin wood paper as in China. In Persia, not only Ganjifa games are available, but also NAS games with 25 cards. The round is also determined according to the direction of the bet and to be the winner is taken from the highest ranking.

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Jonathan H. Green

Jonathan H. Green

Jonathan H. Green was the first person to write the rules for playing poker. He made a reference book written about the means of the book. Jonathan himself mentioned that poker is a cheat game. Therefore, many people who are in the port of Mississippi who play this game. In addition, The Cheating Game replaced Card Sharp, which at that time was very popular as a type of 3-mother card game in poker card games.

From a source of literary media in the United Kingdom he mentions that poker itself was born in 1829 in a city called New Orleans, United States. One of those who made this game spread quickly was that of Spanish merchants who emigrated to other countries in the 16th century and this game was also called First in Spain.
One of the first strategies that appear when playing poker

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Therefore, the explanation of the history of online poker games, hopefully this information is useful for readers and apologizes if there are errors in writing or unclear phrases, hopefully this information can also add Information and knowledge.