How to Find the Perfect Job Quickly June 1, 2016

You might need to find the perfect job as quickly as possible so that you can pay your rent and avoid your utilities being disconnected. Keep in mind that it’s best to quickly take any job you can find while looking for the perfect one because it is always easier to get a job when you already have one. So, if you are offered an opportunity, take it so that you don’t come across desperate when you do get an important interview and then have to give an explanation as to why you’re out of work. Here are some things you need to do in order to get a job quickly- and wait for the perfect one to come along.

Tap into all of your networks and find out who is hiring or knows someone that is or can get you a job. Call around to everyone you know and let them know you’re available immediately for anything. Don’t let your ego keep you from asking for help. Ask your friends to ask their friends- and keep it going- to find you a job now.

In the past, you may have had the time to send out resumes and sit around, waiting for a response. However, you need a job as quickly as possible so you need to aggressively pursue it. Hand deliver your resumes and follow up with phone calls after you send them out in the mail. Pay attention to when open houses and job fairs are being held and be the first one in line. During interviews, always be polite, but make sure the recruiter is aware that you are serious and ready to start working immediately.

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Take what you can find now because once you have a job, you’ll have the confidence you need to keep looking for the perfect job. You’ll be able to be in touch with potential employers and the marketplace when you’re working. Look for companies that are seeking immediate help that won’t require a lengthy interview process and be willing to take a part-time, seasonal position which will allow you the flexibility you need to keep looking.

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