How Business Etiquettes Help In Doing Smart Business May 25, 2016

An employee is comfortable and happy with the organisation not only when he feels he is earning his worth, but also when he is provided a happy and friendly working environment. This is what is called Business etiquette. It is all about having good relationship with the others in terms of both business and personal. These are not strict rules and regulations but basic human qulaities which are generally followed in the daily life. This relationship can be enhanced by good communication skills, developing socialising attitude and having the basic understanding about other`s. A good behaviour leads to professionalism which inturn results in a successful business and business relationship with the peers.

Some of the basic manners that are titled under business etiquettes are:

Courtesy – acknowledging somebody`s help and sending a thank you note in return is a very basic quality not only in business life but also in our personal life. Again, apologising for an erroneous act is very important. These two qualities need no mention and a perfect businessman is one who follows these basic courtesies. Success is defined by humility too.

Professional Handholding – a handshake means a lot. A touch clearly says what a person is, and what his reaction towards a particular point is. In a personal conversation, this might be replacd by a simple nod of the head but in professional relationship, a firm handshake is enough to explain all your thoughts about a deal.  A smart businessman should keep his mouth closed when somebody talks to him and open his ears widely to take in all inputs. An interruption will lead to disruption. As a businessperson, he should develop the qualities of a good listener and speaker, which will itself bring home success.

Remember that trying these things won’t cost you much, but will only earn you accolades.

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