High risk merchant service – benefits July 19, 2016

The biggest question businesses ask is why they are put in the high risk category for merchant services. There are a few questions you should ask yourself before you are getting worked up about the problem. Does your business run offshore? This will put you on a high risk list. Are you doing something that is potentially illegal? You are most definitely a high risk candidate. Is your business all about adult services? You are a high risk!

Take these factors into account before you get angry at a merchant service provider for not giving you the services you want. They are only doing what is best for their company. So you have no choice but to go to a high risk merchant service provider and see what rate they are willing to provide you with. These providers are not much different from the regular providers, except they put some limits on the services you get and charge you higher fees.

high risk merchant service

You will probably not pay more than 1 or 1.25 percent with regular providers, but this rate can go as high as 3 or 4 percent if you are a very high risk candidate. It is definitely an inconvenience, but it is something you cannot avoid. You have no choice but to get these services, because you need their services in order to get the customers you want.

And you may have to take some pain during the first few months, but you can get your rates lowered over time. If there are no issues with what you are getting processed through the merchant service provider, they will probably lower your rates periodically as a reward. So you do not have to be in the high risk category forever. It is more important to get in the door than avoid the service provider altogether.

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